Music - My Studio - Gear

larrivee1.jpg Larrivee D-04, main guitar and main MIDI controller (together with the Keyboards) via RMC Pickups Acoustic Gold (see "MIDI Connections")
fender1.jpg seagull1.jpg yamaha1.jpg soloette.jpg The other Guitars: Fender Strat, Seagull 12 strings, an old Yamaha (MIDI-fied just like the Larrivee) and a Soloette (travel guitar)
keyb1.jpg Keyboards (from bottom to top): Korg i30 with Korg ih, Korg Karma and Micro Korg
gtr-midi-voc.jpg Guitar MIDI Setup + Vocalist (from left): Roland GR-30, RMC Pickups Polydrive II, Digitech Vocalist Workstation EX (see "MIDI Connections")
pedals.jpg Pedals: on the left the Digitech Vocalist one, all the others are for controlling the Korg i30, mainly while playing the guitar
marshall1.jpg Marshall Valvestate VS65R
ta225.gif Ibanez Troubadour TA225 acoustic amplifier
ax1000.jpg Korg AX1000G, used both with the electric and the acoustic
mixer.jpg Viscount Mixer and Speakers

Not pictured: Midiman Midisport, a PC, Cakewalk Software, Karma Software etc.