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How did I get started? Well, when the Rawlings plant (where I worked for six years) shut down, I volunteered to be a part of the Transition Team. We learned, and in turn showed others, how to pursue their educational choices. Little did I think at that point that I would be taking my own advice and be one of those that would take advantage of the training available. But having been a service technician repairing business machines, with a background in electronics and a real interest in computers, I decided to take the bus trip with the others to Vatterott College. I was very impressed with their Computer Technology wing.
Vatterott College instructors teach computers all day everyday, no break for Christmas, Spring or Summer. So when you take their Computer Technology course, you are getting serious exposure to all aspects of computers, from basic hardware to software support to basic networking to advanced hardware, advanced software (with heavy emphasis on the business operating systems like Windows 2000 and XP Professional) and advanced networking (Cisco systems, the basis for the Internet).


Don't let these certificates fool you.
They don't mean that I am perfect.





They only indicate that I work hard,
and that I try hard.





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